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Frequently Asked Questions

The Utah System of Higher Education has partnered with Utah universities and colleges, including the University of Utah, to offer in-demand, short-term educational programs for unemployed, underemployed, and job-at-risk populations. These programs are provided at no cost to qualified Utah residents. Visit the main Learn & Work In Utah website to see all participating schools and programs.

For 2021-2022, the programs offered through the University of Utah are UX/UI, Project Management, and General English + Project Management. Visit each program page to learn more.

Yes! You don't need to pay anything, and there are no hidden fees. We are very grateful to the Utah legislature for the funding that allows us to offer these programs at no cost. As Utah continues the process of economic recovery, education will serve a pivotal role in helping individuals re-skill and re-enter the workforce. Learn & Work In Utah will help our already exemplary workforce fine-tune their skills in Utah classrooms, both physical and virtual, to excel in the workplace or find new employment.

To qualify, students must be Utah residents who are unemployed, under-employed, or job-at-risk. These programs are NOT "first-come, first-served." Applicants are accepted based on the anticipated impact that this program will have on their career and economic prospects, as well as a demonstrated commitment to completing the program. We encourage you to answer the application questions thoughtfully to increase your chances of being considered, as there is a limited number of seats per program.

Underemployed generally means that you are working in a low-wage or low-skill position and you are looking for training to increase your employment prospects or move into higher-skilled labor. Job-at-risk means that no matter what your current employment level is, there is some concern and evidence that your job may be at risk of elimination in the near future.

No citizenship documentation is being requested. You only need to attest that you are a resident of Utah.

While it doesn’t take long to fill out the application, we anticipate that it will take about 30 days to review applications. If it takes longer than that, you will get an email with more information about when to expect your application to move to the next level. Applications are NOT awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. To improve your chances of being selected, take the time to submit a well thought-out response on how the program you are applying for will help you reach your goals.

Yes! We encourage you to apply for as many programs as you think will benefit you. Each program requires a separate application. If you get accepted to more than one program, you can participate in both/all of them.

However, please carefully consider whether you really have the time and commitment to complete both/all programs. If you are not sure you will be able to complete one of the programs, please decline your acceptance so someone else can take your spot.

Some of these courses are delivered entirely online, and some offer an in-person option. All of these courses require a laptop and reliable internet. We have a limited number of laptops and hotspots available for students. We cannot guarantee that you can borrow a laptop and/or hotspot. If you need to borrow a laptop and/or hotspot, talk to the program contact after you are accepted.

These programs will give you expanded knowledge and training that you can list on your resume and demonstrate to potential employers.

In an exciting development this year, Utah’s Lieutenant Governor has launched a program called the Return Utah program, or a return to work program for adults looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence. They provide the experience, training, skills, and mentoring that an individual needs to return to the workforce. These opportunities can last from a few weeks to a few months. The Return Utah programs only apply to the Project Management and General English + Project Management programs this year. We will keep in touch with you for several months after the program to get your feedback to see how those placements are going.

For the UX/UI bootcamp, our partner Trilogy offers nationwide career services and opportunities, including demo days, where you can present your best work to industry professionals.

You will have Student Success Coaches, who will contact you regularly. Our Student Services team will be available to answer all of your questions about each program. You’ll also have technical support provided through the University of Utah.

No, these courses are not test preparation for the PMP exam. However, in order to sit for the PMP, a number of classroom hours are required, and these courses meet those requirements. Generally, graduates go on to study and successfully achieve their PMP certification. Completion of this program does NOT earn you your PMP.

Please email any additional questions to

Last Updated: 8/2/21