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Programming Languages

Program Highlights

  • Flexible Learning: Instruction is self-paced and all online.
  • Time Commitment: Approx. 10 hours a week 
  • Length of Program: 32 weeks 
  • Start Date: October 2020
  • End Date: June 2021



**These courses are currently full; all new applications will be held for waitlist consideration.  


If you want to begin programming, start here. In this fast-paced and entertaining course, What Is Programming, you'll learn the fundamentals, the essential ideas, and the concepts for success in any programming language. First, you'll learn how to write a computer program and learn how to get the computer to understand it. Next, you'll learn all about the syntax - or rules of programming languages. Finally, you'll explore how to make real-world programming easier, from libraries to frames, to SDKs and APIs. By the end of this course, you will not only be on your way to becoming a software developer, but will also have learned how to work with them, manage them, or live with one. Java, JavaScript, R and Python can all be learned here.

If this sounds like something you want to get into, please apply! 

What You Will Learn

This program covers the following topics:

  1. Java language syntax and fundamentals
  2. Java collections
  3. Working with Streams in Java
  4. Collections
  5. Lambda expressions
  6. Object-oriented programming
  7. Exception handling
  8. Java IO and String I/O
  9. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  10. Java's HttpClient
  11. Syntax
  12. Python objects
  13. Scalar types
  14. Operators
  15. Best practices

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Employment Outlook

These widely used programming languages will help you develop web applications, manage data and create mobile apps.

Foundational Knowledge

To be successful in this program, you will need to have the following knowledge or experience:

  • Basic computer skills
  • HS diploma or GED
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